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Yale Controls Limited is a specialist Engineering Service Company, by specialist Engineers, involved in world class Engineering services and Material procurement. A choice destination in Material Procurement to the Mainstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Sector, as well as other Sectors of Industries. By excellent and professional services, quality products and process efficiency, we’ve remain a name favoured with the confidents of inumerable clients.

Our wide range Procurement Service spreads across world’s renown product manufacturers such as; Asco Numatics France, Transcat USA, OBL Pumps Italy, Data Track Process Instrument and Indicators Ltd, Honeywell Inc (Sensing & Controls), Richard Industries, PGI International, Crewsaver, Kotaminyak, Intra Automation, and their likes. Our experience in Material Procurement has built us an established routine-template that eliminate Logistics inconveniences along with its peripherals tending to delays and the lose of irreversible time. With our established line of credit with vendors, we receive excellent pricing, to the advantage of our customers, so that they trust us for quality at the best price they’ll ever find elsewhere.

Bringing You the Globe in One Market Place