Yale Controls Limited is in partnership with leading product manufacturers the world over, spreading their exciting products and services to the regions we cover

We are up-to-date with the latest in the line of products of our partners; a leverage, on a gold platter, to our clients. Our partners include the following;

Enerpac is a global leader in the manufacturing of hydraulic equipment, tools, components & systems. High-force industrial tools to increase productivity and make work safer and easier. Enerpac boasts the largest collection of cylinders and lifting systems for virtually any application – lifting, pushing, pulling, bending or holding, as well as a wide range of cost effective controlled tightening tools ranging from mechanical torque multipliers to hydraulically driven square drive wrenches, low profile torque wrenches, etc

A division of Emerson Industrial Automation, ASCO EMERSON offers comprehensive range of Pneumatic Components, Solenoid and Pressure Operated Valves for fluid automation and Control for the Oil & Gas, Process, Manufacturing, Medicial & Phermaceuticals, Food Industries etc. No matter your industry, ASCO NUMATICS got you covered. Their range of Products  include: Solenoid and Pressure Operated Valves for Fluid Control, Special Service Valves, Pneumatic Fluid Power Components for Industrial Automation, etc


Legrand Electric Ltd. and her subsidiaries (Swift Cable UK and Cablofil US). The world leading manufacturers of Cable Trays, Trunks and Ladders and the Global Specialist in Electrical & Digital Building Infrastructurers.

Manufacturers of superior quality products such as; Pressure Regulators, Back – Pressure Regulators, Temperature Regulators, Pneumatic Control Valves, Electrical & Mechanical Control Valves, Steriflow Sanitary Products, Low Flow Valves, Orifice Block Valves, Hex Valves,  etc, Richards Industrials is a US based company, a parent company of eight distinct industrial product lines:

Kobold is one of the leading international instrumentation engineering enterprises, specialized on monitoring, measuring and regulating the physical quantities of flow through, pressure, level and temperature. Their quality products include; Flowmeters, Pressure Guages, Level Switches,
Temperature Switches,
Humidity Measuring Instrument, etc.

Kotaminyak, an Indonesian based company, are major suppliers of oil and gas equipment, engineering packages,and specialized services. The firm is always on the move launching more leading and exciting products and services, making it a name to reckon with in the engineering equipment manufacturing and  supply services. 

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Our Partnership with world’s leading product manufacturers, bring home to our clients boundless advantages. We maintain a reputation of the reliable middle man between products manufacturers and products customers, facilitating the essence of manufacturing which in turn accrue us a band of innumerable clentele, while rewarding them with fairness in pricing so that their deals with us receive the best bidding attainable anywhere in the world.

A One Stop Shop for Oil Tools, Electrical & Mechanical Devices/Equipment…​

Having been a destination of choice for procurement to the Mainstream and Downstream Oil & Gas Sector through the years, we’ve established a veritable procurement channels by which we successfully execute both large and small scale procurement, and now present clients a window, on the platform of successful procurement template, to shop around the world for Oil Tools, Electrical & Mechanical Devices/equipment, safety kits and other related gadgets.

Innovative  Engineering by Specialist Engineers

Dedicated, Experienced, Certified (by the various relevant Agencies) and armed with the tools needed to dispensing the benefits of their expertise, our team of engineers are ever on the go for clients. From routine calibration of instruments even in the most explosive environment, to a site-wide maintenance of production systems, to flow metering and custody transfer instrumentation, to full range process automation, they remain dedicated.

Coverage From The Many Importation Huddles,Tending to Delays and ​the Loss of Irreplaceable Time

We’ve gone round the  world many times and now have within our confines a wide range of products to span the wildest demands of  clients. Or else we would most definitely take their demands around the world, owing to our boundless tentacles, to see their demands met with ease. Call on us as today…demand are always never unrealistic!


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