A leading international instrumentation engineering enterprises, KOBOLD quality products include;

  • Flowmeters:
    • Variable Area Flowmeter-Plastic-Low Flow KSV
    • Variable Area Flowmeter-Plastic-Low Flow KFR
    • Variable Area Flowmeter-Plastic KSK
    • Variable Area Flowmeters and Switches-Plastic KSM
    • Variable Area-Low Volume-Flow Switch KSR/SVN
    • Variable Area Flowmeter-Low Volume KDF/KDG-9
    • Manifold Valves for Multiple Installation for Liquids USR
    • etc
  • Pressure Guages
    • Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges MAN-R, MAN-Q
    • All Stainless Steel Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges MAN-R
    • Capsule Element Pressure Gauges MAN-K
    • Pressure Gauge Digital with Ceramic Sensor Element, Battery Powered MAN-SD
    • Hand-Held Pressure Measuring Device for Differential Pressure for 2 External Sensors HND-P215
    • Differential Pressure Transmitter PAD
    • Diaphragm Seals for Pressure Gauges DRM
    • etc
  • Level Switches
    • Magnetic Level Switches M
    • Plastic Level Switch NKP
    • Bypass Level Switch NBA, NBE
    • Level Switch RFS
    • Float Level Switch NSP-K
    • Dual Magnet Float Level Switch NGS
    • Conductive Level Switch NEK
    • etc
  • Temperature Switches
    • Temperature Switch TWR
    • Bi-Metal Temperature Switch TBS
    • Thermal Reed Switches TRS
    • Thermostats for industrial Applications TER
    • Capillary Thermostat TEA-K
    • Temperature Switch-Digital TDD-1,-3,-5,-7
    • Shaft Thermometers according to DIN EN 13190 TNS
    • Temperature sensor TDA
    • etc
  • Humidity Measuring Instrument
    • Humidity / Temperature Measuring Instrument AFK-G
    • Humidity Measuring Instrument with Analoque Output AFA-G
    • Room Hygrostat AFS-G2
    • Hand-Held Humidity Precision Measuring Unit HND-F
    • etc


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Plot 2 Yale Avenue, off Km5 Rumuokoro/Choba, East-West Road, Obio-Akpor, Rivers State. P.O. Box 6105 Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

FAX: +44(0) 207 900

At YALE CONTROLS (UK) LTD., Our Esteemed Reputation Feeds from The Exciting Products/Services We Offer, As Well As a Hearty Partnership with Renown Product Manufacturers the World Over!

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A One Stop Shop for Oil Tools, Electrical & Mechanical Devices/Equipment, Safety Kits…​

Having been a destination of choice for procurement to the Mainstream and Downstream Oil & Gas Sector through the years, we’ve established a veritable procurement channels by which we successfully execute both large and small procurement, and now present you a window, on the platform of our successful procurement routine template, to shop around the world for Oil Tools, Electrical & Mechanical Devices/equipment, safety kits and other related gadgets/devices.

Innovative  Engineering Solutions by Specialist Engineers

The skills of our engineers can not be over emphasized. An advantage you’d never bargain for. Dedicated, Experienced, Certified (by various safety and Engineering Agencies) and sophisticate with the embodiment to dispense the benefit of their expertise.  From routine calibration of instruments to a site-wide maintenance of production systems, flow metering and custody transfer instrumentation, they carry out full range process automation, as well as Calibration, even in the most explosive environment.

Coverage From The Many Importation/Customs Peripherals Tending to Delays and ​the Obnoxious Loss of Irreplaceable Time

We’ve gone around the  world many times and would most definitely take you there with ease. Call on us to explore the world as we take your demands around the Globe, through the many  importation/custom huddles,  and deliver to you your chattels safely and right on time. We know the way through these huddles, not by shady devices but by virtue of integrity in the business over the years

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