Our procurement service is designed to work with our customers' requirements, procedures and rules. With our established line of credit with vendors, we receive excellent pricing, to the advantage of our customers.

Our procurement activities are worldwide and our Markets are within the Oil, Gas, Chemical, Power and Process industries spanning from Asia to Africa. From simple to complex process plants, we deliver supplies and services right on-time. 



Our in-house engineers have extensive experience with process plants and construction. When a job is awarded, they review technical specs and participate in appraising the bids for technical equipment.
They frequently resolve discrepancies and disputes arising from inspection issues, manufacturer modifications, material substitutions and such.
All material is inspected before shipping so that discrepancies are resolved. This assures that the customer receives the correct material, ready for use, eliminating shortages or errors that can delay a project.


We use our established line of credit with vendors, and pay them directly. By doing so, combining the buying power of the many jobs we handle, we receive excellent pricing which we pass on to our customers.


Our Fee includes full expediting services. Our expediters track all orders by phone and internet. On any orders where delivery problems begin to occur, Yale Controls applies intensive effort to get them back on schedule. The purpose, of course, is to ensure that orders meet promised delivery schedules.


Our Traffic Department concentrates on providing the best rates available to meet the required delivery. We use only qualified carriers. We use premium air services only for true emergencies. Overseas ocean and air freight are also carefully controlled to assure the best possible price in line with delivery requirements. We routinely handle hazardous material and other special freight problems. Our experience helps eliminate delays.


Whatever the Gadget...

Demands Are Never Unrealistic!

We Are Famous for Innovative Engineering and Reliable Procurement Services

Your Advantage:

Best Bid Attainable Anywhere in the World.

Our Partnership with world’s leading product manufacturers, bring home to our clients boundless advantages. We maintain a reputation of the reliable middle man between products manufacturers and products customers, facilitating the essence of manufacturing which in turn accrue us a band of innumerable clentele, while rewarding them with fairness in pricing so that their deals with us receive the best bidding attainable anywhere in the world.

A One Stop Shop for Oil Tools, Electrical & Mechanical Devices/Equipment…​

Having been a destination of choice for procurement to the Mainstream and Downstream Oil & Gas Sector through the years, we’ve established a veritable procurement channels by which we successfully execute both large and small scale procurement, and now present clients a window, on the platform of successful procurement template, to shop around the world for Oil Tools, Electrical & Mechanical Devices/equipment, safety kits and other related gadgets.

Innovative  Engineering by Specialist Engineers

Dedicated, Experienced, Certified (by the various relevant Agencies) and armed with the tools needed to dispensing the benefits of their expertise, our team of engineers are ever on the go for clients. From routine calibration of instruments even in the most explosive environment, to a site-wide maintenance of production systems, to flow metering and custody transfer instrumentation, to full range process automation, they remain dedicated.

Coverage From The Many Importation Huddles,Tending to Delays and ​the Loss of Irreplaceable Time

We’ve gone round the  world many times and now have a wide range of products to span the  demands of clients. Or else we would most definitely take their demands around the world and bring them the finest within their bid. Contact us today…demands are never unrealistic!


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Beyond partnership, is our familiarity with leading product manufacturers around the world


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